Featured Topics


As you know, the field of endocrinology is vast…..unique…..and complex.

From basic research discoveries to the bedside, the specialty’s inherent challenges and rapidly evolving landscape require that practicing endocrinologists and allied health professionals constantly keep abreast of advances in the field that are enhancing patient diagnosis and treatment.

The AACE 27th Annual Clinical & Scientific Congress addresses that need to broaden your knowledge, bringing together some of the finest researchers, clinicians and thought leaders in endocrinology to inform delegates with an unprecedented depth and breadth of presentations.

This year’s lineup of topics runs the gamut, from advances in treatment for the most prevalent of endocrinology diseases to the exceedingly rare, each thoughtfully selected to advance your clinical proficiency.


In the diabetes arena, you’ll hear from a world-renowned expert whose breakthrough research on insulin signaling has advanced understanding of disease mechanisms exponentially, learn about formidable breakthroughs in beta cells generation, and become versed in optimal management of heart disease in patients with diabetes.


Thyroid disease presentation highlights include the latest findings from an award-winning transitional researcher to challenges in treatment of advanced thyroid cancer.


And, the medical, pharmaceutical, behavioral and surgical tools and techniques for treating obesity will be discussed in-depth.

Pituitary Disorders

The country’s top clinicians will provide in-depth examination of pituitary disorders through the life cycle. Among their presentation topics: the development, diagnosis and treatment of acromegaly, Cushing’s disease, prolactinomas and pituitary hormone deficiencies, as well as growth hormone deficiency in adults and GH replacement.

Bone Disease

An increasingly intriguing area of endocrinology is metabolic bone disease. From more common to exceedingly rare disorders, skeletal health subject matter experts will enlighten delegates with their in-depth clinical insights on subjects ranging from hypophosphatasia, new therapies for post-menopausal osteoporosis and regulation of bone loss in men to sclerotic bone disorders and primary hyperparathyrodism.

Regardless of your area of clinical specialty interest(s), you are sure to benefit from the numerous instructive opportunities at the AACE 27th Annual Scientific and Clinical Congress.