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Vitamin D status in patients with general weakness in a tertiary care Hospital, Bangladesh.

Monday, Apr 8
1:00 AM – 2:00 AM

Objective : To see the vitamin D status of subjects  presented with general weakness .

Methods :

We studied vitamin D of consecutive 670 patients in a tertiary care hospital. Other variable look for are age, sex, DM and Thyroid function abnormality to see their influence on vitamin D status. 

Results :

Age, vitamin D  of the study population as 95% confidence interval are  ( 41.91 – 43.31 years), (18.12 – 19.97 ngm/ml) respectively. Frequency of sex (male) 29.7 % ; diabetic and abnormal thyroid function  31.2% .


Vitamin D status of this subjects are: a) sufficient vitamin D were (>30ngm/ml) in only 10.4 % (n=70); b) deficiency (<20 ngm/ml) in 26.1 % ( n =175 ) and c) insufficient (<30 ngm/ml) in 63.4 % (n = 425) patients.

Comparison between normal (sufficient) vs abnormal (deficient + insufficient) status showed age is significantly higher in sufficient (45.03 – 52.42) vs (41.19 – 43.80) sig. 002; and frequency of DM (50% vs 43%), thyroid Abnormality (33% vs 31%) and sex(male) (29 % vs 30 %) .

Binary logistic regression analysis document population with sufficient vit. D (n 70) different (sig. .003) from the rest (600) when analyzed with age, sex, diabetes & thyroid abnormality as covariates and among these 4 only age  significantly influence such equation (sig. .004).

Discussion :

Our study, found 89.6 % subjects have low   Vitamin D (<30ngm/ml) among the patients complaining of weakness.   Low vitamin D level also found in 56.4 % of non-diabetic and 68.8 % normal Thyroid function. Sex difference was not found to be any role in vitamin D deficiency. Increasing age showed better vitamin D values as they are on regular supplements.  

Conclusion :

Overall Vitamin D status of our patient with complains of general weakness is poor.  It may be reflection of that of our general population and it  also urges for more study and adopt appropriate policy on it.


Mohammod FEROZ.. Amin

Associate Professor, Endocrinology
BIRDEM Hospital
Dhaka, Dhaka, Bangladesh

Dr Md Feroz Amin , obtained his bachelor degree from Dhaka Medical College - year 1995, He completed his post graduation on endocrinology , 2005, from BIRDEM academy , under Dhaka University . Presently he working as Associate Professor of Endocrinology in BIRDEM Hospital

Tofail Ahmed

BIRDEM, Hospital

Professor Tofail Ahmed presently work in BIRDEM Hospital . He has more than 50 publications in national and international journals .

Rezina Sultana

Deputy chief Medical Officer
BIRDEM Hospital
Dhaka, Bangladesh

Dr Syeda Rezina Sultana presently work as deputy chief medical officer in BIRDEM Hospital