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Monday, Apr 8
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Objective : Arthralgia and Osteoarthritis is common among Bangladeshi population. about 40 % subjects F:M 4:1 suffers from some symptoms of pain in bone or joints specially vertebral and Large joints after there adulthood. Many of them having BMI > 27 Kg/M2 . These patients usually visits to Orthopedic specialists at there private clinics or Chambers. they usually advice investigations including Thyroid Function. If there is any dysthyroid according to laboratory investigations they reffers the patient to Endocrinologist 

Methods : Such Referred cases are recorded accordingly. Pooled data is analysed. . Clinically thyroid function was evaluated in respect to Goitre, Voice Change, Constipation, Weight gain and Ankle jerk. Some of the doubtful report of thyroid function is repeated in different laboratory. Antithyroid antibody was advised.

Results : The data showed(N=50) M8 &  F42. Age 34±12 years. BMI 29.4± 2.7 Kg/M2. TSH 11.5± 4.2 MIU/L FT4 16.4± 3.7 pmol/L.
Repeat FT4 & TSH was done from another standard laboratory. There FT4 15±4.4 and TSH 9.1± 2.9. TSH > 10 was found in 7(14%) cases. Antithyroid antibody was positive among 27(54%) cases. Clinically 44(88%) was euthyroid except weight gain was complained by 38(76%) subjects.

Discussion : Subclinical hypothyroid or occasional is very common among the subjects with arthalgia or Osteoarthritis of Knee joints.They usually visit to Orthopedic or Physical Medicine Specialists. More than half of then has thyroid autoimmunity.Some of them have overt Hypothyroidism. Other autoimmune disorder was not looked among the study population.

Conclusion : Subclinical hypothyroid presents with nonspecific symptoms specially of bone-joints. Typical features of Hypothyroid are less common. Autoimmunity should be checked.Other rheumatological of connective tissue disorder should be looked in.  


Ashrafuzzaman SM DR

Professor and Headof The Department
Department of Endocrinology BIRDEM
Dhaka, Dhaka, Bangladesh

Bangladeshi. Born in Pabna ( One District of Bangladesh). 3rd issue of 5 sibs of a moderate Muslim family. Passed MBBS in Jan 1985 Passed Post graduate Diploma in 1998. Successfully completed MD-EM ( highest degree in Endocrinology of the Country) in 2004. Fellow American College of Endocrinology(FACE). Active international member of AACE. Immediate past General Secretary and President Elect of International Chapter of AACE, Bangladesh. Now Professor and Head of the Department of Endocrinology BIRDEM, Bangladesh a Top Tertiary care Hospital of Diabetes & Endocrinology with General Medicine, Surgery & Gynecology.

Md Shah Zaman Khan

Associate Professor
BIRDEM Bangladesh Diabetic Somity (BADAS)
Dhaka, Dhaka, Bangladesh

Working in the field of Joint Pain( Degenerative, inflammatory, Osteoarthritis, Non specific, Frozen Shoulder) more than 20 years.