Abhimanyu Garg, MD

Professor and Chief of Nutrition and Metabolic Diseases
UT Southwestern Medical Center

Abhimanyu Garg, M.D. is Professor of Internal Medicine and Chief, Division of Nutrition and Metabolic Diseases at UT Southwestern. He is Director of Lipid Services at Parkland Memorial Hospital and UT Southwestern. He holds a Distinguished Chair in Human Nutrition Research.
He has been evaluating patients with various types of lipodystrophies for over 30 years. He has carefully characterized the clinical and metabolic features of various types of lipodystrophies, including reporting of novel syndromes. He has used the state of the art genetic technology to discover many novel genes, such as, AGPAT2, PPARG, ZMPSTE24, PSMB8, and ADRA2A for these disorders.


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