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Veracyte, Inc., a leading genomic diagnostics company, develops the Afirma® Genomic Sequencing Classifier (GSC). The test combines RNA sequencing data with machine learning to reclassify indeterminate thyroid nodules as benign and help clinicians reduce overtreatment. The next-generation Afirma GSC maintains a high sensitivity of 91%, an increased specificity of 68% and a 96% negative predictive value*1. Adding Xpression Atlas (XA) to Afirma GSC provides additional genomic information to risk stratify your patients. XA sequences 511 genes to detect 761 variants and 130 fusion pairs. Learn more at

*in Bethesda III & IV nodules
1. Patel KN, et al. JAMA Surg. Published online May 2018.

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