Category: Diabetes/Prediabetes/Hypoglycemia

Monitor: 12

12 - Advancements in Personalized Nutrition - The Next Forefront in Treating and Preventing Type 2 Diabetes

Thursday, Apr 25
12:00 PM – 12:30 PM

Objective : The spread of the metabolic syndrome epidemic is strongly associated with nutrition and lifestyle, and comes at significant health and economic costs. Despite the change in dietary guidelines this epidemic is still on the rise, so a major inference of this epidemic is that there isn’t one dietary guideline that fits all since people exhibit variation in their lifestyle, eating habits, genetics, physical and clinical parameters and in their microbiome composition. Technological advancements in the recent years significantly facilitated preventive medicine approaches using personalization and self monitoring (by using cgm, food loggers and step-counters). Additionally, foods are more regulated (using nutrition labels) and genetic surveys and Microbiome profiling are more accessible and feasible. Big data revolution enables access to wealth of information about ourselves and others, and machine learning algorithms allow us to detect robust patterns in an unbiased way. Converging the growing need to restrain the metabolic epidemic with the technology and algorithmic advances is fertile ground for breakthroughs.

Methods : Here, we present the advances made in recent years in personalized nutrition in the context of  blood glucose management for the prevention and improved diet management of prediabetes and Type 2 Diabetes (T2D). The personalized nutrition project (PNP) monitored 800 people in Israel, showing that people respond differently to identical foods. They built an algorithm that predicts blood sugar levels response to food based on physiological, clinical, food and microbiome parameters. The model was used in an intervention study to show that its predictions can be used to devise personalized diets for normalizing blood sugar.

Results :

At DayTwo, in collaboration with Mayo clinic we validated these observations on an American cohort, and validated the model to be used to improve predictions of blood glucose responses to different foods for different geographical cohorts. DayTwo utilized the model to support the long-term management of T2D, where personalized nutrition can yield meaningful clinical results by improvement in diabetic status.

Discussion :

We are currently demonstrating short and mid term efficacy in targeted populations of prediabetes and T2D by running several clinical trials that use our personalized nutrition platform for a better diet management in these populations.

Conclusion :

Using our data collection, proprietary algorithm and the unique microbiome human discovery platform we aim to introduce a new standard of care, enabling health plans, self insured employers and care providers to provide better care focusing on prevention and by that reduce cost of treatment.


Yossi Cohen

Microbiome Scientist
Adanim, HaMerkaz, Israel

Microbial Molecular Ecologist with firm expertise in Microbiome science

Ariel Hanemann

Data Scientist
Adanim, HaMerkaz, Israel

Firm background in biology and computer science.

Tali Raveh-Sadka

Research Director
Adanim, HaMerkaz, Israel

Firm knowledge in computational biology and big data

Shahar Azulay

Head of Research
Adanim, HaMerkaz, Israel

Firm knowledge in computer science and algorithms