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Thursday, Apr 25
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Objective :

To look for possible association between anti-thyroid antibody (Ab) levels and sense of wellbeing in patients with HT, while they are euthyroid on LT4 replacement, in a large number of patients as previously reported by us with a smaller group of patients.

Methods :

We collected data from 69 patients with HT who were biochemically euthyroid on LT4 therapy. Patients were required to fill out the Warwick-Edinburg Mental Well-being Scale (WEMWBS) questionnaire which consists of fourteen questions assessing wellbeing with a total score ranging from 0 to 70. At the same time, blood work was sent for TSH, anti-thyroid peroxidase (anti-TPO) and anti-thyroglobulin (anti-TG) Ab levels. This was repeated after 3-4 months. The collected data was then processed with a paired t-test and multiple regression analysis. The study protocol was approved by IRB and all participant provided informed consent.

Results :

There were 63 female and 6 male subjects in the study with mean age of of 58.9 years.A paired-sample t-test was conducted to compare wellness score between high and low Anti-TPO Ab groups. There was no significant difference in the scores for the high Anti-TPO Ab group wellness score (M=55.3, SD=9) and low Anti-TPO Ab group wellness score (M=54.7, SD=10.5) conditions; Paired t(68)=(0.634), p>0.10. Regressions analyses, where the difference in wellness scores was regressed on the difference of anti-TPO and anti-TG Ab levels, was also found to be statistically insignificant.

Discussion :

HT is a common autoimmune disorder that affects patients’ quality of life significantly and can suffer from constitutional symptoms like tiredness, weakness, depression and lack of energy. Frequently, patients’ symptoms are attributed to hypothyroidism, while many remain symptomatic despite having normal thyroid function studies. We encountered euthyroid cases of HT who continue suffering from constitutional symptoms and were encouraged to look for possible association between elevated serum levels of anti-thyroid Ab and these symptoms. The underlying pathophysiology of autoimmunity in HT affecting an individual’s quality of life or sense of wellbeing has not been well studied. Our study was also limited by the difficulty of assessing individuals’ wellbeing due to the difference in medical comorbidities, emotional and other psychosocial factors.

Conclusion :

The study did not show any significant association between anti-thyroid Ab levels including anti-TPO and anti-TG and the sense of wellbeing in patients with euthyroid HT. Further studies should be done to assess the relation between anti-thyroid Ab levels and the sense of wellbeing in euthyroid HT patients.


Rupak Mahendhar

Research assistant
NYC Health + Hospitals/Queens
NewYork, New York

I am a clinical researcher and my primary field of interest is exploring the autoimmune basis of different thyroid diseases.

Mina EFFAT. fransawy Alkomos

Research Assistant
NYC Health + Hospitals
S Richimondhill, New York

Research Assistant at NYC Health+Hospitals/Queens

Paria Zarghamravanbakhsh

Resident Internal Medicine
NYC Health + Hospitals/Queens
New York, New York

Internal Medicine Resident at NYC Health + Hospitals/Queens.

Edelann Abreo

Research assistant
New York City Health and Hospitals
Harrison, New Jersey

I am currently a research assistant in the Endocrinology Department at Queens Hospital NewYork.I have been practicing medicine by observing in Internal and Family Medicine practices in and around New Jersey and New York. In the future I am interested in expanding my knowledge and being a part of Endocrine research when I become a resident in Medicine.

Amir Shahbaz

Research Assistant
NYC Health + Hospitals/Queens
New York, New York

I am a clinical researcher. My primary area of interest are exploring autoimmune basis of endocrine disorders

Isaac Sachmechi

Chief of the Division of Endocrinology
NYC Health + Hospitals/Queens
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Chief of Endocrinology at NYC Health+Hospitals/Queens

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