A word from our President

Dear Colleagues,
Each year, AACE convenes to showcase state-of-the-art educational opportunities. The Annual Scientific & Clinical Congress, now in its’ 26th year, will highlight the latest technological and medical advances in endocrinology, and practical workshops for attendees to take home to their practices.  Superb speakers will cover all aspects of endocrinology, including sessions focusing on tips for a successful practice in today’s economic milieu. Plus, your family will not want to miss a trip to hear live music, enjoy great restaurants and shopping in exciting Austin, Texas.

Join us as we drive innovation in endocrinology. See you in Austin!


Pauline M. Camacho, MD, FACE

Join Us

Join us for the 26th AACE Annual Scientific & Clinical Congress in Austin, Texas on May 3-7, 2017 at the JW Marriott Austin and The Austin Convention Center.

Whether you are into science and technology, music, or food, Austin has something for everyone! It is the state Capital, home of the University of Texas® and gateway to the beautiful Texas Hill Country. Austin offers urban hiking trails, legendary barbecue and farm-to-table cuisine. The city has more than 250 live music venues where on any given night the sounds of rock, country, indie and Tejano music echo throughout the streets.

When most people think of the tech industry, they instantly visualize Silicon Valley, but Austin is a city that is well-poised to become Silicon Valley part two. With over 5,400 high-tech companies, Austin is the perfect location to host the AACE 26th Annual Scientific & Clinical Congress – Driving Innovation. After a day of learning at the meeting, make plans to explore all that Austin has to offer.


25th Anniversary Opening from AACE